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Photos are printed on Fuji-film silver halide photographic paper to ensure high-quality,

long-lasting prints that resist fading for generations.

Silver halide prints provide the best quality images, vivid colour reproduction, more natural skin tones, exceptional sharpness, and unsurpassed colour stability.

You can choose between a glossy or a matte finish

In a world where everything is on the fast lane and technology which has cut across many areas including picture printing and photography in general, are there reasons and benefits of printing photos in their non-digital format?

Holding on to a photo refreshes the feeling of a lovely event in your mind.

So, what other benefits are there in printing photos? Let’s get to it.


An opportunity to share memories

What are memories if they cannot be shared or they cannot only inspire us? You must have seen the smile on your child’s face when you show them the printed photos of when they were born. That same expression is noticed with your family or your friends who wish you well when you share great images.


- Memories that last

There is a difference between seeing your photo on a smartphone and holding one in your hand. We all know that feeling, especially if it is a photo of a pleasant memory. Why do most persons have their family photos on their office desk? It’s simple. Such images give a reason to keep pushing past the rigors of work, knowing there is a place they find rest after the day’s task. 


- Memories are best if they last

You may have walked in some great halls and seen the beautiful array of canvas printed photos hanging on the walls. Most times these photos are a description of the family line of individuals and other times the images on these prints are men who have made their marks. Whichever way, they all mean one thing, memories that are saved over long periods. You may be surprised to know that modern photographic prints can last up to 100 years. That’s cool? That makes them a store of memory. This is a big contrast to a mobile device that can develop a technical glitch which may leave your precious pictures somewhere you cannot find them. 

We can go on and on listing the excellent benefits of having your photos or pictures printed.

Both in building a collection and so on but we all know it. 

Size and Price available:

6x4 (15x10cm)              £0.20

5x5 (13x13cm)              £0.30

7x5 (18x13cm)              £0.50

8x6 (20x15cm)              £1.00

10x8 (25x20cm)            £1.50

12x8 (30x20cm)            £2.00

15x10 (38x25cm)          £3.50

18x12 (45x30cm)          £9.00

36x24 (90x60cm)        £25.00

40x30 (100x76cm)      £29.00

*Delivery cost could be applied

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