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Regular Canvas:

Transform your favorite picture into a piece of art

Built with a high-quality wood frame and in hangers for an easy display. 

A vibrant and fade-proof strong canvas that offers you perfect memories to hang on your walls.

Perfect for a wedding or newborn photo memories it's a great gift to offer to yourself or someone else. UV resistant will have the possibility to enjoy the high quality over the years. You can find the size details a the bottom of the page.

If you require more information about one of these products, please let me know.



Small                 £24.00

Medium            £38.00

Large                 £54.00

Wooden Canvas:

It's a perfect choice for a natural finish of art pieces in your home. Unique and uncommon you will have the possibility to enjoy your favorite photo on great support.

Your photo printed directly onto a beautiful high quality, handcrafted pallet made from thick premium wood.

Every wooden photo pallet starts by being cut to size and shape before the edges are carefully sanded before being printed using our low energy print process which gently fuses the ink directly into the grain of the wood. Each piece of wood is carefully selected from sustainable farmed wood stocks so there is no deforestation or any adverse impact on our environment. The backing supports are glued to the individual wood planks for added strength.

This is a handcrafted item. Every photo pallet is made to order and printed in full color using durable UV inks directly to the face of birch plywood planks. The finished photo pallet is scratch, fade, and water-resistant giving you a durable and unique piece of wooden art.

Each piece will contain beautiful marks and features that only Mother Nature herself can provide. This means you can expect things like cracks, shakes, knots. Since we are using wood, each picture will be completely unique.

As wood changes in time and has a story to tell each picture has it's one of a kind look.



Mini                      £30.00

Small                    £55.00

Medium               £95.00

Large                  £140.00

Extra Large        £150.00

* Delivery cost could be applied

Size information:

Mini 6"x 4"                                            Landscape or Portrait 152 x 100mm      Wood Canvas: 1 Wood Planks         


Small 11.5"x 8" 

Landscape or Portrait 295 x 203mm 

Wood Canvas:2 Wood Planks

Medium 12"x 8"                                    Landscape or Portrait 305 x 203mm      Wood Canvas :3 Wood Planks                                           

Large 16"x 12" 

Landscape or Portrait  406 x 305mm

Wood Canvas: 4 Wood Planks

XLarge 15"x 22"

Landscape or portrait  381 x 559mm 

Wood Canvas: 5 Wood Planks

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